Way to the Way

The debris of Palm Sunday branches (forsythia, pine boughs, tall swamp grass) litters the foot of the Holy Week altar.  On Sunday we invited Jesus into our “occupied city…”  For some, it meant the planet we’ve degraded, for some in meant economic injustice, for some it meant this bit of earth we tend as stewards, for some this meant our dark hearts.

Tuesday, in the Gospel text at mass, Jesus overturned the tables of the temple.  For me, he entered the den of thieves that is my heart, leaving even more chaos than I knew was there.

photo by Sr.CGchs

photo by Sr.CGchs

Wednesday at sunset, we gathered by the fire.  We chanted Compline and then sang the complex chant of the first night of Tenebrae, words and notes winding this way and that around the betrayal of Jesus by Judas.

The room darkened, our candles went out, and I worried how I would find my way home.  but when I opened the outside door the bright Passover moon illumined road and woods and field.  When will I learn in my soul not to cling to my anxiety?  Light dwells playfully like silver dust lit from the inside, brightening the way to the Way.

Let us purify our senses, and in the unapproachable light of the Resurrection we shall see Christ shining forth, and we shall clearly hear him saying, “Rejoice!”  -John of Damascus, Paschal canon

3 Responses to “Way to the Way”

  1. Mike Says:

    Beautiful imagery. I especially like the Palm Sunday entry of Jesus into our “occupied city.” Thank you. Blessings on your Holy Week.

    • ammaguthrie Says:

      The image of the “occupied city” came from Sister Carol Bernice who designed our Palm Sunday liturgy. It set the tone for the whole week, so far! Thanks, Mike, and blessings upon your Holy Week also. -Suzanne

  2. Mary and Paul Kernodle Says:

    What a joy to read “Way to the Way” and imagine the beautiful chanting around the fire of Compline and Tenebrae. Rejoice indeed!

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