Okay, okay, okay!

golden leaves, golden honey, golden light, warm air flecked with the last golden motes of summer dust

Okay, okay, already. I know I havn’t posted since before I went to New Zealand. This is my excuse: I’be been writing my brains out – brain matter oozing out my ears and nose…

[It’s hard for me to believe people (you!) actually check and read this blog. But apparently you do!]

So I promise. If I can’t finish a piece, I’ll put something else I’ve written at another time, or I’ll put someone else’s lovely stuff here. Once a week. At least. Including today, because I’m writing my brains out, and I’ve got to work in the garden once my brains completely drain out of my now nearly empty head.

So here’s a lovely piece by St. Anselm for your day’s journey.

Teach me to seek you

and show yourself to me as I seek;

for am I not able to seek you unless you teach me;

nor am I able to find you unless you show me [the way].

Let me seek you in desiring you,

and desire you in seeking you.

May I find you in loving you.

And love you in finding you.

Proslogion I, 15f

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