a prayer from the crypt

Soulwork Toward Sunday: self-guided retreat
Lent 5 (year B), March 25, 2012
“but if it dies…”

I’m praying in the crypt at Holy Cross Monastery. A womb-like place to begin again. And again and again.

I used to write in my adolescent and early adult journals, “What shall I take with me into the new life?” Nothing particular on the exterior was in the process of changing, but I often felt the need for an interior shift. As I do now. What shall I take with me into the new life?

Let me take
what compassion
I have accrued to my credit.
Let my low and stagnant reserve
meet Compassion’s vibrant ocean.
Let me take
what shards of love
I’ve gathered.
Let me offer my broken pieces
to the magnitude of Love’s fulfillment.

Help me to save my life … by losing it in Thee.


2 Responses to “a prayer from the crypt”

  1. Diane Says:

    Suzanne your work enriches me every week! You nurture more than you realize and that is good that means you are in the dark work of the Spirit which keeps us all very humble indeed.
    Loved the poem. I only wish I had as many shards of love to put on my light stand as you; but I too am submitted to the Spirit. Thank you for your dedication, work, and sharing love.

  2. Wendy Yee Says:

    offering brokenness for enlightenment — like dreamscene of ka balah when following the Light–
    luving this intensely creative imaging oppiortunity.

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