Another quote for Lent 4

Soulwork Toward Sunday: self-guided retreat
Lent 4 (year B), March 18, 2012
“mundi medicina”

Well, Beloved…

I’m unprepared.

I had a busy week preparing for and then teaching a class at General Seminary for their Certificate in the Spiritual Guidance of Children. My class was called Pretending Bible Stories: Embodying Text for Memory and Meaning. Sunday I preached at the Cathedral for their Evensong and Ecology program.

So I wasn’t in my normal groove in my quiet study on the farm. And I didn’t write a blog – although I did play around a lot with the Romanos quote (meditation three) – the horrible torture instrument – the cross – taking root and growing into a tree of life. I imagined myself in the branches with “robbers, murderers, tax collectors, harlots,” and fools and you and me. I encourage you to play with that image during the week and see where it takes you.

Crucified Serpent, A. Eleazar Uraltes, 1760But I did find an additional quote (by Phyllis Tickle) which I loved and which I will share with you here.

And what the story recognizes is that all of us are going to be bitten—painfully bitten—in this life. Most of us learn that truth fairly quickly just from experience. But, according to the story, it is not the being bitten that we in this imperfect world can do anything about; it is only the how we respond to being bitten that we can control. When we look up, usually we are saved by that very act of faith for it is when we look down and struggle with what is tormenting us that we most often empower it by the very attention we are going to give it.

-Phyllis Tickle
“A Serpent in the Desert”

I hope your Lent is a soul spa of deepening and enlightening.

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