thought experiment

see Proper 18 (year A)
“what you bind on earth”

Contemplating the war in heaven

I sometimes wonder if heaven, if there is a heaven, is created by our consciousness, our actions, our love, our self-sacrifice. “Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Our polluted, exploited earth begets a barren, poisoned heaven. Our humility and awe and cooperation with nature creates our paradise. Our war-making or peace-making here determines the state of being there. Our exclusion excludes us and our inclusion includes us all. If so, our actions, cooperation, sacrifices, and love binds and loosens consequences more far-reaching and vital than imagined. Even the smallest moral victories and heroics of daily life may link each of us to the unfolding plane of consciousness, unleashing forces of good and evil.

So here’s a Thought Experiment: Imagine what it means to co-create heaven as part of earth-consciousness. How do you contribute day by day to the great evolution of the sphere of heaven unfolding beyond time?


Apocalypse, Unknown Weaver, French, c.1380

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