Entertaining To My Angels

see Proper 8A “welcomes the one”


An "in your face" Annunciation, Paulus Bor, 17th cent.

I am beginning to believe my guardian angels (I seem to need several) try to redeem in every moment my tragedies, mistakes, and pratfalls.  As if, when I’m splayed upon the ground, they confer together: “Okay, *sigh* there she goes again… let’s see what good we can draw from this latest fiasco …”  So far, good has come out of every bad that would not have happened without the bad. Not that I believe the bad happened on purpose. (For example, no benevolent or demonic Being hurt my children just to make some other good come out of their injuries and hospitalizations.) But moment to moment, redemption opens to whatever happens in that moment and the moments to follow.

The bad choices I make also get redeemed. I’ve made terrible mistakes in my life. Some ‘good’ came  from all of them, eventually. None of those ‘goods’ however, ennobles the foolishness of my mistakes.

Any choice eventually becomes the right choice. I call this broccoli redemption. Each broccoli stalk breaks forth into a myriad of flowers. One flower is not more correct than another. Any of those flowers, any of those choices become the right one, because it simply “is.”

It is a sin to regret. It’s okay to look at regrets and learn from them, so that I don’t make those particular mistakes again. I can learn from my mistakes and help others not to make similar ones. But sometimes I can regret in ways so paralyzing, I reject the present, the principles of redemption, and the artistry of angels making a feast out of the hash of my life.

I can only hope that I’m entertaining to my angels.

3 Responses to “Entertaining To My Angels”

  1. Tony Burkart Says:

    Entertaining the angles, perhaps….Loved by, definitely…. Enter Dylan Thomas’s one liner…”The primary task of love in this world is to unbolt the dark and release its prisoners of shame!”…..Hope you’re well and in the garden a lot.


  2. Chris Says:

    Hurray for broccoli redemption! I love the image. Yes, I’m a believer too.

  3. claire Says:

    Broccoli redemption, I love this image as well. I will keep it when thinking of my “tragedies, mistakes, and pratfalls” 🙂
    And how could you not entertain your angels?
    I have sometimes the feeling that I make Godde laugh — and that feeling is usually pleasant.

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