Not thinking about the Trinity today…

See Trinity Sunday

Taylor Hall, The De Koven Center, Racine, Wisconsin

I am at the De Koven Center in Racine Wisconsin, leading a retreat. (Inhabiting Your Prayer: Creating an Abbey of the Imagination.) The retreat uses medieval techniques for prayer I read about in NYU professor Mary Carruthers’ book, The Craft of Thought: Meditation, Rhetoric, and the Making of Images 400-1200. I loved her book and I love this work! This afternoon, we’ll help each other “prepare” space for intercessory prayer structured as the petitions of the Lord’s prayer, “placed” in the southwest tower of the “Abby.” Playfully serious work.  I’m looking forward to retreatant’s experience of using thier Cathedral-like tower as a meditation device for intercessory prayer the first time.  Tomorrow I’ll take them on a tour of the caves of the Seven Deadly Sins and we’ll take on Repentance.

Somehow I thought I’d be able to write my blog this past weekend during my travels, but I’m past my Monday deadline and I’ve got my first breathing space and … I can’t think of anything to say about Trinity Sunday.  I’ll let the powerful readings from The Cloud, Julian, Ruysbroeck, and Teresa speak for themselves.  Instead of thinking, I’m going to do two of these three things: walk through the gardens to Lake Michigan, take a nap, prepare for this afternoon’s session. I still don’t know which two to choose.

Here’s a little family anecdote I think of whenever I see Lake Michigan.  My great great grandfather owned a fleet of ships on Lake Michigan. Someone offered him a piece of land at the southwest end of the lake. “What would I want with that swamp?” he said. That “swamp” is now Chicago.

2 Responses to “Not thinking about the Trinity today…”

  1. claire Says:

    Ah, I hope some day to take a retreat with you. Just the title of the one you are leading right now takes me to a neat place somewhere in thought-land.
    I loved your readings for Trinity Sunday. Simply beautiful 🙂

  2. Chris Says:

    I wish I could be there too! Indeed, I would have been, but for the opportunity to teach a course this summer at UI. Love and light to you, dear Suzanne!

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