Sursum corda

Week Before Pentecost

Song Sparrow fledgling. (photo by Bill)

Wild (multi-flora) roses sweeten the June air.  Deer brighten the edge of the woods in their tawny red summer coat.  The corn just sprouted. Strawberries grace our desserts.

The song sparrow fledgelings outside our door abandoned the nest. Thus the anxious warnings of the parents no longer wake me up in the mornings. However, the adolescent rooster’s crow becomes more credible every day.

Today (our day off) the interns went on a canoe trip with Bill. On Saturday I’m leaving to lead a retreat in Wisconsen. I’m trying to clear my desk (impossible) and assess how in the next few days to prepare the cutting garden, the kitchen garden and other landscape projects for a week of neglect. I need to buy a nice red altar fabric for the Pentecost Octave. 

I really don’t want to do anything. The roses hypnotize me. I want to sleep outside in the beautiful sunshine. I love the glowing-clouded, waiting in-between of Ascensiontide, the lifting up of the heart to dwell beyond the cloud in the unseen, unknowable place prepared for us. Ascensiontide: a last rest before the great sending-out: heart broken, dwelling both in heaven and open toward loving to the ends of the earth.

We sang this hymn yesterday during our Eucharist. (The music by Handel arranged by David Hurd – #459 in Hymnal 82)

And have the bright immensities received our risen Lord,
Where light-years frame the Pleiades’s and point Orion’s sword?
Do flaming suns his footsteps trace through corridors sublime,
the Lord of interstellar space and Conqueror of time?

The heaven that hides him from our sight knows neither near nor far;
 an altar candle sheds its light as surely as a star:
and where his loving people meet to share the gift divine,
there stands he with unhurrying feet; there heavenly splendors shine.

Howard Chandler Robbins 1876-1952

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