…and deliver us from evil

One of the characteristics of evil, is its ability to appropriate, insinuate, spread tentacles into and entangle innocence.   You can see this in families inheriting generations of child abuse, where child victims grow up to become adult perpetrators.  You hear this in countless war stories where a good person must act, choosing between two equally impossible evils.  You and I participate in the seemingly remote choice of buying affordable clothes from a box store and find ourselves perpetuating child slave labor.  Or, innocently rushing to buy “fast food” to feed our children between the jobs we’re trying to manage, and find ourselves condoning factory farms using pesticides irreparably poisoning both farm workers and soil.  We buy packaged chicken breasts in our local grocery chain, supporting unsanitary, cruelly raised poultry.  We participate in evil innocently.

Friday I attended the sentencing of a friend for a crime he did not commit.  One day, finding that the computer given to him by the college was not working properly, the professor called the computer tech who found child porn on it.  The images were the worst kind of unimaginable evil.  Even though students and others had access to this computer, my friend was found guilty of being a “consumer” of these images.   I sat with my friend’s brother in law, a computer expert who investigates these kinds of cases for the U.S. government.  He told me that it was obvious “too late” that neither the defending attorney, the prosecuting attorney, or the judge had any basic comprehension of how computers work.  Not only that, but the college did not use common sense or follow basic protocol when dealing with the finding.

After the conviction, the best we could have hoped for was time served outside prison, community service, house arrest.  But the judge said he needed to “send a message” to other consumers of child porn.  (No one there, including my friend, denies the absolute evil – is there a stronger word for evil? – of what is done to those children.)  My friend was sentenced to 1-3 years in prison and led away in handcuffs.  His parents, wife, sisters, friends watched in horror.  How is this possible?

Evil spreads.    Exploiting children is worse than murder.  My friend said that.  He knows, as I do, that sexual abuse kills the soul.  He’d rather be accused of murder. 

My heart is heavy.

An appeal is being filed.

Pray for all of us.  Pray for exploited, tortured children.  Pray for perpetrators of child pornography.  

And deliver us from evil.

2 Responses to “…and deliver us from evil”

  1. Nia Says:

    So sorry to hear that. What a mess. I’ve told Toni and he’s said three ways in two minutes to check when the images where recorded. I hope than the appeal judge will fix that mistake.

  2. MikeF Says:

    Deliver us from evil, indeed… I was horrified to read this, and will be keeping your friend in my prayers. Let’s pray too that Nia is right, and the appeal judge can see the sense of how computers actually work. It’s not like keeping photo albums on your bookshelf…

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