Today: sunshine pouring through the lace curtains.  Chickens clucking with contentment and the occasion announcment of a new egg.    The promise of planting in today’s cool beauty perfumed by lilacs and lily of the valley.  Guests lingering an extra day to help with gardening today.

Yesterday:  we danced after the liturgy.  Patrick and Bill labored to remove the broken stone wall in front of St. Aidan’s.  Slowly, slowly we’re reclaiming and giving new life to this old house once sheep shed, bunk house, convent, guest-house, junk depository.

On Saturday night we hosted a Full Moon Fireside (see ) After our drumming Sister Carol Bernice talked about the Transition training she went to – an international movement working from local communities to transform our lives and ways of being in the world.  I can’t begin to describe this, so, please see   It rained on and off as we listened to one another around the bonfire.  Twice the sky above the meadow provided a spectacular rainbow just as we talked of the promise of the future.

Today is the sisters’ Sabbath from the daily routine.  Today the seedlings need planting, and Patrick  and guests are here to help. Tonight the new addition to the bee colony arrives.

There’s so much suffering – in the world, near and far.  We pray, we listen, we try to do what we can and repent for what we can’t.  And meanwhile, we learn to grow and preserve food to eat, we learn to live in ways after “peak oil” to prepare for an uncertain future so we can be of help with basic necessities.  We grow flowers for the bees and to “lift the heart to God” and to beautify the chapel and gardens.  Hard work.  Ora et labora.

Today the sunshine glistens on the grass.

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