V-Day and the Vine

So I’ve been gathering beautiful art and quotes on Jesus’ discourse on “the vine” for my website, The Edge of the Enclosure.  This week’s meditation prompts move in the direction of loving neighbor.  See http://www.edgeofenclosure.org

v-day-congoimageBut what’s really on my mind and heart is Eve Ensler’s work, http://www.VDAY.org  consiousness about mass rapes the DRC – eastern Congo, the hospital at Panzi, the overwhelming work facing Dr. Denis Mukwege and M.D. volunteers to repair fistulas, for example, and other conditions caused by rape and torture.  

Perhaps the work of the world, the  work of life itself is transforming “pain to power” the phrase Ensler attached to her latest consciousness raising tour.  Here’s a link to an introductory interview.


The image of the Vine in Jesus’ discourse is of our lives engrafted like a vine branch upon the source of  Divine Love.  Abide in my love.  Abide in my love.  Little children, love one another  …

And I’m thinking of survivors of Rwanden genocide “managing” to live along side the very people who killed their families with machetes (see Philip Gourevitch’s article The Life After, May 4, The New Yorker).  The victims of rape bringing food to the men who raped them (see the film, God is Asleep in Rwanda).

Do not bring us to the test.  And deliver us from evil.  Amen.

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