Come to my Garden – II

Cabbage Meditation

I went down into my garden, to see the fruits of the valley,
and to see if the vines had flowered,
and the pom’granates were in blossom,
Return thee, return thee, O Shulamite,
Return thee, return thee, that we may look upon thee.

Descendi, antiphon after the Psalter
First Vespers, Celebrations of Our Mother Earth

The day begins and ends with corporate meditation in the chapel. We enter in the dark, sit in silence for half an hour. We sing Lauds as the light increases through the four long windows of the chapel. The workday begins. At night, after singing Compline, the day ends with meditation as the night deepens. Someone blows out the candles and we go silently to bed.

During one of those first days in early September, during meditation I heard a voice without timbre and pitch, that is, a voice but not a voice, unexpectedly and spontaneously from the prayer, not in spoken words but almost words, saying these precise words:

I called you into My garden.

And I saw in my mind’s eye, suddenly, a cabbage-head in a garden, and a fully mature blue-gray leaf ready for harvest, cradling the cabbage head.

Later, in the little garden by the side of the convent, I saw a cabbage-head similar to the one in my meditation.


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